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St. Mary's College of MD-Men's Soccer
St. Mary's College of MD-Men's Soccer mobile

Facilities & Directions

Seahawk Stadium:
Seahawk Stadium contains one of the best Bermuda-grass fields in the nation.  The Stadium, home to the St. Mary’s field hockey, men's and women's soccer, and men's and women's lacrosse teams, manages to stand up to a lot of punishment and keep its good looks.  That’s because the field is a special hybrid Bermuda grass developed in the mid-’80s and planted at St. Mary’s as something of a science experiment.  The hybrid, known as Tuf-coat, is a hardy grass resistant to frost and cold.

The stadium as a whole is ringed at one end by student townhouses, and often its occupants bring out their couches and lawn chairs to take in the action.  The setting makes the game an unmistakable part of campus life.

Bleachers line one side of the field, trees and open fields the other, with a wooded hill off in the distance.  Whether you’re playing the game or watching it, Seahawk Stadium is one of the finest venues around.

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